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Angelo Dellomo

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Angelo Dellomo taught math for 40 years and was known for teaching his students how to apply mathematics in and out of the classroom. During his tenure as a math teacher, Angelo Dellomo was recognized by the state of New Jersey and awarded the New Jersey Governor’s Recognition Award for excellence in education. Angelo Dellomo loved helping kids learn different math formulas and prioritized preparing them for real-world scenarios where math would be needed. Future blog posts will help teachers and parents with tips and tricks to bring math to life for the students.

Before and after teaching, Angelo Dellomo has always pursued passions outside of mathematics. Angelo Dellomo is well-known for his longstanding commitment to protecting the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Over the years, many corporations and businesses have petitioned for law changes allowing them to build property on some of NJ’s most historic land.

Angelo Dellomo worked alongside many concerned citizens to help drive the initiative to declare the New Jersey Pine Barrens a National Preserve. Many of the laws put in place to preserve the land, which is the home for many amazing animals, exist because of groups Angelo Dellomo was a proud member of. The Pine Barrens account for 1.1 million acres of land. As America’s most densely populated state, companies will always be looking to build property along this coveted New Jersey land. Angelo Dellomo will always spread awareness to ensure people know exactly why the Pine Barrens must remain protected.

Nature preservation is essential to Angelo Dellomo. Going beyond coming out in support of different conservation groups, Angelo Dellomo believes that nature enthusiasts can provide the best support by spreading a love of nature to future generations. Not only does protecting the natural habitats of animals’ help ensure species of animals can continue to grow and thrive, but it also helps ensure future generations of humans can live on earth. Parents and teachers alike can do kids an excellent service by educating them on the wise use of our natural resources and the role that pollution and deforestation play in harming our environment.

Having served on the Great Egg Harbor River Study Commission for Hamilton Township, Dellomo encourages others to get involved in any way they can. Environmental support groups can raise awareness and ensure more people understand the logic behind conservation efforts. Whether it’s volunteering to pick up litter in a national park or talking to one’s kids about the importance of conservation, every little bit helps.

Angelo Dellomo has always been most interested in the Pine Barrens, but countless examples of land need to be protected across the United States. Passing on history lessons is one of the best ways to educate future generations on the importance of preserving our natural resources. Angelo Dellomo served as both a Director and a President for the Atlantic County Historical Society. He is also the proud author of two books on the area’s unique history. Those willing to share the stories of the past can help spread awareness that spurs positive change in the future. Angelo Dellomo encourages anyone interested in preserving a local landmark near their home to look for different ways to educate others on the significance of the land and its role in the community.

A devoted Christian, Angelo Dellomo firmly believes that a person who gives back to others receives more than they could ever possibly give. This is true every time he volunteers to work a food concession stand at the annual church festival or spend time at a local food bank. Having spent many days working for the St. Joseph Society to provide carpentry work and other miscellaneous maintenance tasks, Angelo Dellomo knows how rewarding it can be to give back. The world needs more people willing to give back and put their unique skill sets to work. Angelo Dellomo again believes education is the best way to spread positive change. The more the younger generation is exposed to examples of volunteer work, the more interested they will be in making their impact.

This website allows Angelo Dellomo to continue to share his passions and write about topics that matter to him. Whether it be volunteerism, conservation, or how math education will always be pivotal no matter how advanced artificial intelligence becomes. Angelo Dellomo thanks you for visiting his website and looks forward to starting this journey with you.